February 19, 2017, 8:19 am

You can now connect your MT5 accounts!

Dear members,


We are happy to anounce that FX Junction now supports connections of MetaTrader 5 accounts via the new MT5 bridge.  

The bridge is currently in a Beta release - there shouldn't be any surprises but still, we recommend that you connect your Demo MT5 accounts first to test this shiny new technology.

As such, the Beta version is open to all members who want to take it for a test drive.  You can dowload the manual installation file here: MT5 Bridge Beta - and then proceed as you would with a manual installation of the FX Junction MT4 bridge (explained under Option 2 here: https://www.fxjunction.com/help/bridge_linking#_help)

We hope you enjoy  and would love to hear your feedback. And as always, don't forget to invite your friends, it's more fun to trade together!


Best regards,

Your FX Junction team


Author: FXJ_admin
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