February 6, 2017, 5:05 am

Signal Providers Approval Program

Dear members,

In a continued effort to make FX Junction a transperent and trusted place to exchange investment ideas, learn from each other  and copy trades, we are introducing the new Signal Providers' Approval program.  It is open to all members who want to put a 'seal of approval' to their profile proving that the FX Junction team has validated the identity of the signal provider.  We are persuaded that this will improve your reputation as a Signal Provider and may lead you to more Copy Traders.

To request your Signal Provider Approval review, head to your Trading Profile  (via the top menu) and click the 'Get Approved as a Signal Provider' button.  In addition to a Linked Live Account, you will be requested to submit 3 documents:

  1.  Your civil photo
  2. A copy of your government issued ID document
  3. A copy of a utility bill proving your address, no longer than 3 months old 

Once submitted, the FX Junction team will review your request and if everything looks in order, your Signal Provider will be changed to Validated. This will be evidenced in your profile with an indication 'VALIDATED Signal Provider' as well as the display of your real name.

Other members will be able to filter for Signal Providers' by their Validation status in the Find Traders page, further improving your visibility as a Signal Provider. 

Note that the Signal Providers Approval Program in no way reflects judgement of the FX Junction team as to the performance results or investment strategy of the member. It is rather a means of verifying the identify of the member and verifying that his/ her published results are genuine and can be relied upon by the community.

We wish you a successful trading and don't forget to invite your friends to FX Junction - it's more fun to trade together!

Your FX Junction team


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