March 6, 2019, 3:01 pm

Service Pricing Changes on FX Junction

Dear Members,


Please take note of the service pricing changes on FX Junction:


- Effective immediately we are increasing the payout for our validated Signal Providers to 70% of the AutoCopy fees charged to their Copy Traders. This payout increases to 80%, if the fees are collected from Copy Traders referred to FX Junction by the given Signal Provider, through our Referral program (

- We are reducing the number of hosted connections for trading accounts that are offered for free. Each member is eligible to connect 1 account (Live or Demo) for free. Validated Signal Providers will automatically get one more hosted account connection offered for free - for a total of 2 hosted connections. The reason for this lowering of free connections is our aim to cut down on dormant or rarely used accounts which are consuming a lot of system resources for no added benefit.

- At the same time and in order to encourage our members to connect and actively use other accounts we are lowering the connection fees for additional accounts to $2.99 (previous price $4.99).


The change of account hosting fees is effective immediately for newly connected accounts. Members with already connected accounts will see this new pricing reflected from 11th March 2019.


Yours sincerely,

FX Junction team

Author: FXJ Admin
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