October 28, 2018, 3:27 am

RIP self-hosted bridge connections, long live the Hosted connections!

Dear Members,


Over a year ago, we introduced the possibility to link your MT4 and MT5 accounts by using our Hosted connection technology.  This allowed you to keep your accounts linked and synchronized to FX Junction without having to worry about installing EA bridges or keeping your terminals running in order to remain connected. Besides this, the Hosted connection proved to be a more reliable and significantly faster connection option compared to the legacy EA bridge (self-hosted) technology.

Over the past few months, we have seen a big majority of members switching to the Hosted connection and virtually all new members are now connecting using this option.


In order to concentrate our development efforts and provide the best user experience, we decided that the time has come to stop support of the EA bridge connections. This will allow us to fully focus on developing and further improving the Hosted connection technology.


The change will be done with the following timetable in mind:

   1. Effective today, you will not be able to link any new account using the EA bridge (self-hosted) option

   2. Effective 5th November 2018, AutoCopy will only work with accounts using the Hosted connections - both Signal Providers and Copy Traders need to switch their accounts to the Hosted connection if not already done so

   3. Effective 1st January 2019, only accounts using the Hosted connection will remain connected to FX Junction


We, therefore, encourage you to switch your accounts to the Hosted connection option at your earliest convenience. To do so, please remove your FX Junction EA bridge from your terminal, then go to https://www.fxjunction.com/settings?/#accountlink , edit your account(s) and click to connect using the Hosted connection option. 


To help with the transition, we're happy to announce that we will now offer up to 3 Hosted connections free of charge for each user.

Terms and Conditions: Maximum of 3 actively used accounts per user, of which at most 1 demo accounts will be offered the free Hosted connection option.

An 'actively used' account means that the member (owner of the account) connects to his or her FX Junction profile at least once per month or provides or auto-copies at least 1 signal over the monthly period. Inactive and additional accounts will be charged the standard $4.99 per account monthly fee.


We wish you a happy and profitable trading!

Your FX Junction team

Author: FXJ Admin
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