November 3, 2017, 5:43 am

New Ratings and Review system for validated Signal Providers

Hello Traders,


We just released a new function which we call the FX Junction Ratings and Review System.  This system allows existing Copy Traders rate and review their Signal Providers.


FX Junction Ratings and Review System


The aim of the system is to allow other members and prospective Copy Traders to choose their Signal Providers  with all confidence, with the help of the experience of other members.

We encourage all Copy Traders to rate their Signal Providers for the benefit of the community.  Likewise, the Signal Providers are free to ask their Copy Traders to rate and review them and thus increase their visibility among the best Signal Providers that FX Junction has to offer.


The ratings and reviews can be found in the Signal Providers' Trading Profiles. A Copy Trader can input his or her rating and review from there as well. Additionally, the ratings are now visible in the Find Traders page.


A condition for being able to review a Signal Provider is simply that the reviewer must have successfully AutoCopied at least 1 signal from the Signal Provider.


We wish you a happy trading!

Your FX Junction team


Author: FXJ Admin
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