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May 2017 Newsletter

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 Hi Social Traders,

US and European equity markets strengthen while Asian equity markets dropped in April as volatilty in the equity and currency markets declined as the month ended.  Geopolitical events and risk was back on the radar for trader's calcuation with the US missle strike on Syria, April 6th, and the largest non-nuclear bomb ever used in combat on April 13th in Afganistan highlighted President Trump's willingness to use military force.  The Euro gapped higher about 2% when the market re-opened after the first round of the French elections took place on April 23rd.  French public opinion polls predicted correctly that Emmanual Macron and Marine Le Pen would be the final two candidates for the upcoming final round of the elections that will take place on May 7th with Macron currently leading the polls 60% versus Le Pen 40%.  

April Forex Industry News


FX Junction membership achieved 16 consective months of new member growth as total membership reached 24,030.  FX Junction members linking their brokerage accounts to their trading profiles have also increased to 9,290 accounts.  Trader Profitability declined below 50% for the second time since we made this indicator public which was mainly due to members being on the wrong side on the Euro FX crosses during the market open after the first round results of the French elections were released on April 16th.  

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What’s new on FX Junction?

In April, we released an additional payment service provider, FasaPay, allowing Indonesian social traders to easily purchase credits to AutoCopy strategies from their chosen Signal Providers.  We received alot of great feeback from you regarding our new performance statistics released in April.  

As of May 1st, traders wanting to share signals on FX Junction and earn AutoCopy fees must go through FX Junction's validation process.  The requirements include:

  • Link a Live brokerage account
  • The linked account must maintain an minimum 90% online frequency
  • Minimum 1 month trading history
  • Input an account strategy description
  • Monetary values of the account must be displayed
  • Apply at least one AutoCopy Fee Model
  • Upload a Civil Photo, Government issued ID and Statement showing proof of residence

The development teams are currently hard at work to deliver you great features in order to enhance your experience on FX Junction.  We hope you'll enjoy the new features we are planning to realease soon including:

  • Hosted Accounts:  Reduce the risk of going offline while using the AutoCopy system by using our Hosted Account solution elminating the need for the Bridge EA and private VPS.
  • Trending Ticker:  See what's the most popular currency pairs, precious metals, stock indices, commodities and shares being shared at the moment on FX Junction.  
  • Watchlist:  Add symbols to your watchlist to filter what real traders are saying about your symbols before you trade.
  • New Languages: FX Junction is global, available in Russian and Arabic.
  • Premium Service:  For a monthly fee, members will have access to premium services offered by FX Junction.
  • Rating System:  AutoCopiers can rate and share their experience about a Signal Provider.

We hope you will enjoy!

 FX Junction Community Metrics

FX Junction Metrics

Total Members:  The total amount of registered users
Total Linked Accounts:  The total amount of linked demo and live accounts to FX Junction members.
Number of Trades:  The total number of trades by members with a linked demo and live account.
Trader Profitability:  The ratio of linked live accounts that had a total profit in the period.


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