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FX Junction August 2017 Newsletter

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Hello Traders!


Welcome to our August edition of the FX Junction newsletter.

Despite it being a usual holiday period for many of us, July proved to be an eventful month in the markets. The most notable news which moved the markets were:

  • The ECB, as expected, left monetary policy unchanged and confirmed the net assest purchases are to continue until December 2017 or beyond, if necessary.
  • In line with market expectations, Bank of Canada raised interest rates by 25 bps to 0.75% which is the first hike since 2010 amid robust growth and despite a slowdown in inflation which is seen temprorary. 

It is also worth noting that many of the equity markets reached record highs in July and beginning August, such as the Dow Jones and the Nasdaq.


So how did this translate to our community performance? We are happy to report that the overall profitability of Live accounts on FX Junction reached a record high of 64.50%. This is significantly above retail industry averages which are historically at around mid 40's. Needless to say that many of you achieved impressive Performance results as evidenced by our Leaderboard.


The trading activity in the community was dominated by the usual currency pairs and gold. The most overbought symbols (those showing a large proportion of Buys compared to Sells) were: EURCHF (61/ 39), USDCAD (59/ 41) and XAUUSD (59/ 41). The most oversold symbols were: AUDUSD (39/ 61), EURGBP (41/ 59) and USDCHF (42/ 58).


The number of new members continued to grow at a brisk pace as we welcomed 154 new members. We were glad to see that many of these members linked their MetaTrader account and joined in on the conversation on the Dashboard. The FX Junction team also received some valuable feedback and recommendations by email from new and existing members - hat tip to @frankjibe, @PanchoDelRancho and @miles2go. Some of the recommendations were already passed over to our Development team for implementation, such as the ability to post pictures in comments on the Dashboard. Other members provided some valuable investment ideas for other members, such as @fractologybiz, @PanchoDelRancho, @SwissTrader, @frankjibe, @Dollar2017 and others. Much appreciated!


In July we have released our Hosted Connection which makes connecting your MetaTrader accounts a breeze. Just select the option, input your password, select your server and - presto - your account is connected to FX Junction! This connection also significantly reduced the execution times and slippage for our members using the AutoCopy system. We received a good feedback regarding this sytem from a number of you and we encourage other members who have not yet taken advantage of this option to give it a try by taking the 7 day free trial. More information can be found here:


Not to stay idle, there are many more items on our Development To-do list. We would love to hear from you as to which items should we implement first or if there are other features you would like to see on FX Junction. Just drop us a comment below this newsletter and we will get back to you. So back to the items on our To-do list:

  • Trending Ticker:  A revolving panel on the Dashboard to allow you to see what's the most popular currency pairs, precious metals, stock indices, commodities and shares being discussed at the moment on FX Junction
  • New Languages: FX Junction available in Russian and Arabic
  • Premium Membership:  Access premium features, retain a higher percentage of commission as a Signal Provider,  receive unlimited number of hosted connections and other perks
  • Rating System:  AutoCopiers can rate and share their experience about a Signal Provider


We wish you a good and profitable summer!

Your FX Junction team


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