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December 2016 Newsletter


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 Hi Social Traders,

In November, the focus for traders was on the US elections and the suprising win for Donald Trump.  Despite an initial drop after the election results in equity markets and USD, the markets quickly rallied higher.   This month, the focus will be on the UK supreme court ruling on if Brexit has to go to the UK parliamant for approval before notifying the EU of their departure.  Also, on Dec. 14th if the US Fed will further increase US interest rates.   

November Forex Industry news

November continued its strong pace on new membership and members linking their MT4 accounts despite a slight drop in trades compared to October perhaps due to the economic uncertainty after the US elections.  The most important indicator which is live account profitability, which is the percentage of linked live accounts which were net profitable for the month, was lower compared to October but still posted a strong 53.56%.



What’s new on FX Junction?

FX Junction breaks the language barriers by launching its social trading platform in Spanish.  The new Spanish social trading website is just the start to what will come next.  Stay tuned for more languages to follow including French, Italian, German, Russian, Arabic and many more.  Members can now follow the latest news from FX Junction from a dedicated news section as well as share with others on their favorite social networks.  

The FX Junction developers are currently hard at work implementing new features to enhance your experience while social trading on FX Junction.  These exciting new features will include:

  • Hosted Account:  Members who link their account(s) to their FX Junction profile will be soon be offered the ability to host their platform directly on FX Junction which will eliminate the need of the self-hosted FX Junction Bridge EA and a VPS.
  •  Affiliate Program:  Existing Members can receive bonuses for refering new members to FX Junction as well as Signal Providers can refer their AutoCopiers from other platforms to FX Junction and receive higher fee payouts.
  • Performance Statistics Improvements:  More improvements to our performance statistics so members can better analyze their trading results. 

We hope you enjoy it! 

 FX Junction Social Community Metrics

2016  Members Linked Accounts Trades Live Accounts Profitability
January 19,897    268,612 58.39%
February 20,131   162,551 55.91%
March 20,494 7,885 215,913 58.59%
April 20,828 8,071 242,146 60.38%
May 21,156 8,207 380,203 59.20%
June 21,462 8,373  250,182 58.87%
July 21,661 8,505 247,429 63.01%
August 21,879 8,646 279,170 56.79%
September 22,170 8,813 293,363 62.01%
October 22,603 8,968   332,523  62.55%
November  22,956 9,110  296,034   53.56%

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