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How to choose a Signal Provider to AutoCopy?

fuatu (3rd August 2016): 

After copying and trying many different accounts here are some of my experiences : 
1. Never copy accounts that have low online percentage. 
2. Never copy martingale  hedging strategies. 
3. High drawdown values shows that the accounts are high risk. 
4. New accounts of a few weeks with very high ROI may prove to be the worst in the long run. 

Oklaaa (3rd August 2016): 

@fuatu, thanks for sharing your experience. I totally agree with you. 
There are some traders who never been in leaderboard but they are doing pretty good,  relatively low profit but consistent. 
Consistency is the key in Forex World.

fuatu (3rd August 2016): 
I also suggest to ask for trial period and in that period test and see it with very small lot sizes. 
Before starting ask the account owner for fixed or variable lot size to use.

Rexton (3rd August 2016): 
Well, I just wanted to add some of my experience, in my case I go to the traders section, 
and search for acccounts with : 
1. More than 1 year trading history, 
2. Less tan 20% Drawdown, 
3. higher tan 90% online presence, 
and there are quite a few. 

doberman (6th September 2016):
Higher gain equal higher risk, always contact the owner account you want to copy for safe money management that suit you.