Copy Trades from Leading Signal Providers

Copy Trades from Leading Signal Providers

Thanks for joining FX Junction, the world’s largest OPEN social network for Forex traders in the world!

As an open social network, FX Junction allows you to link accounts from any Forex Broker offering the MetaTrader platform.

Below are the benefits of copying trades from signal providers on FX Junction:

  • Maintain full control of whom and when you want to copy. No need to give power of attorney to a trader or move your brokerage account, unlike traditional methods.
  • Choose from any of the signal provider’s 4 possible fee models offering you greater flexibility. Many signal providers offer free trials before you pay.
  • Analyze thousands of traders with over 100 analytical indicators allowing you to choose the best traders for your portfolio.
  • Founded in 2011, FX Junction is the most established and stable open social network for Forex traders.
  • FX Junction has no conflicts of interest with its members. FX Junction is not a broker, introducing broker or asset manager, unlike all other social trading networks.

“Now I am member, how can I copy leading signal providers?”

Step 1: Link your MT4 and MT5 accounts to FX Junction

In Settings, select Account Link to connect your Live or Demo MT4/ MT5 account to FX Junction in order to be a copy trader.

  • To add your account, input your MT4/ MT5 account number and adjust account settings. In AutoCopy section disable allowing others to AutoCopy your trades (unless you want to provide trade signals as well) and select Save.
  • Once you added your MT4/ MT5 account to FX Junction, you will need to download and install the FX Junction Bridge onto your MT4/ MT5 platform. Click Here for instructions on bridge installation.
  • In order to AutoCopy trades onto your MT4/ MT5 account from FX Junction, you must keep your MT4/ MT5 platform open on your desktop at all times.

Step 2: Find Top Traders

FX Junction offers you the leading analytical statistics to help you identify top performing traders. On the Traders Page, you have access to thousands of traders.

  • Trader Filter: You have the ability to quickly filter by account type, account age, average trade duration, last traded and online accounts only. Apply the filter which makes most sense for your portfolio.
  • Sorting: Once you have applied your favorite filters, now you can sort accounts high to low based on metrics such as ROI, # Pips Profit, Win Ratio, #Trades and #Followers.
  • Select your Top Traders: Now you have a list of your top traders filtered and sorted by your criteria. Click on each of the traders and access more analytics.
    • View Profile to see where the trader is from and view the account details of the selected account. It will provide you the name of the broker used by the signal provider, the account online frequency, strategy description and the available AutoCopy fee models.
    • Monitor Trading Activity to view the signal provider’s current open trades and pending orders as well as full trade history since the signal providers account has been linked to FX Junction.
    • Analyze Performance of the selected account, to view the account summary, trading statistics, distribution of instruments and performance by time period and by instrument.
  • Follow your Favorites: After identifying the traders you are thinking about AutoCopying, follow them first so you can see a live view of all their posts and trades. You can also send them private messages over FX Junction to ask any questions about their strategy before deciding to AutoCopy.

Step 3: AutoCopy your selected Traders

Once you have identified your favorite traders that you would like to AutoCopy, you need to purchase Credits on FX Junction before selecting AutoCopy for each trader.

  • Click on the Credit Page and purchase credits through PayPal.It is best you analyze the fee model offered by the signal provider and estimate how much it will cost to AutoCopy the selected trader so you can make sure you have purchase enough credits to support the traders signals. If you run out of credits, you will not be able to copy new signals until you purchase additional credits.
  • Go to Profile Page and select AutoCopying Tab. Here you can view all the traders that you are copying as shown below.
    • Click Add Traders to add your favorite traders to your AutoCopy portfolio. Once you clicked AutoCopy on your selected trader, you will need to input the positioning size, maximum limits and one of the available fee models offered by the signal provider.

    • Turn On AutoCopy for each of your selected Trader
    • Apply Risk Management Settings by inputting the maximum open lots and maximum open trades as well as if you want to auto-close orphan trades.

You now have selected your Favorite traders and are now AutoCopying their signals on your MT4/ MT5 account.

Step 4: Monitor and Manage

Now you can sit back and monitor your account performance. There are several items which you should monitor on your Profile.

  • Performance: View your account performance and individual performance of your selected traders.
  • AutoCopying: If you want to remove or make a modification of any of your signal providers, choose one of options under the Actions column.
  • Credits: Monitor your credit balance to make sure you have enough buffer to pay for AutoCopy fees. If you don’t have enough credits, trade signals from signal providers will not be AutoCopied.
  • Mailbox: Monitor your FX Junction mailbox for any updates from your signal providers.
  • Trading Activity: Compare the trading activity on FX Junction with your MT4/ MT5 account to make sure there are no differences.
  • Logs: It is good practice to monitor the Transaction Log to identify any errors. Feel free to contact us for any assistance.

You are now ready to AutoCopy your Favorite Signal Providers!

For more helpful information, please visit our Help section on FX Junction