Posting Guidelines

Guidelines for posting and private messaging

Here are some posting guidelines for FX Junction users. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in a deleted post or terminated user account:

  • Consider others. We’d like to think of FX Junction as a community, one where we can learn from each other in a cordial and civil manner. Please be considerate of others when posting. Always pause and think before posting.
  • Keep it trading related. Obviously not all non-trade related banter is bad, but some can be. See guideline #1.
  • No broken records. Have something to say? Great, let’s hear it! But once is enough.
  • No solicitations. Period.
  • No Spamming. We have a zero-tolerance policy against spam. Any member caught spamming others will result in permanent account termination. No exceptions.
  • Respect proprietary information and confidentiality.
  • Respect your audience. No ethnic slurs, obscenity or name calling please.
  • No promissory language. Not only do our regulatory bodies frown upon this, it’s also unethical.