Getting Started on FX Junction

Getting Started on FX Junction

Thanks for joining FX Junction, the world’s largest OPEN social network for traders in the world!

As an open social network, FX Junction allows you to link accounts from any Broker offering the MetaTrader platform.

FX Junction is a great place to:

  • Learn about trading by asking questions and discussing strategies with other traders.
  • Share ideas, market events and commentary as well as trading opportunities and strategies.
  • Follow other traders to see their activity on FX Junction and interact with them.
  • Analyze your performance as well as performance of thousands of traders who post their signals onto FX Junction.
  • Choose your favorite traders and AutoCopy their signals onto your brokerage account.

“I just signed up, what do I do now?”

Step 1: Create your Profile

  • Select Profile Settings under the dropdown box under your username on the upper right side of FX Junction
  • Select User Account to review or modify your email, password, time zone and location.
  • Select Profile Information to update general information related to yourself and trading style.
  • Select Profile Picture and upload your favorite picture to be displayed as your profile picture.
  • Select Links and input your website and various social media profile pages.

Step 2: Link your MT4 and MT5 accounts to FX Junction

In Settings, select Account Link to connect your MT4/ MT5 account(s) to FX Junction in order to become a Signal Provider, Copy Trader or just to analyze your performance and compare yourself to other traders.

If you don’t have an MT4/ MT5 account yet, you can open a Demo or Live account with any broker which offers the MT4/ MT5 platform.

Optional Step: Become a Copy Trader

Automatically copying from experienced trader via our AutoCopy system allows you to reap benefit of traders’ experience and to replicate their trading strategy in real-time on your MT4/ MT5 account, Demo or Live. To take advantage of this functionality, you need to:

  • Link one or more Demo or Live accounts (refer to Step 2 above).
  • Research, engage and select your desired traders’ accounts. You can do so via the Traders page.
  • Since many Signal Providers charge a fee for the AutoCopy functionality, you must purchase credits on FX Junction.
  • As a last step, go to your Profile –> AutoCopying section and choose from the trader’s offered fee model that is the most appropriate for you along with appropriate limits and trade sizes. Once completed, confirm that you want to start AutoCopying from the chosen account. Then just sit back and watch trades being automatically replicated on your account.

Note: In order to copy trades to your MT4/ MT5 account, you must keep your MT4/ MT5 platform open and the FX Junction bridge EA connected on your desktop or VPS at all times or utlize our Hosted Terminal service.  This will help mitigate the risk of orphaned trades.

Optional Step: Become a Signal Provider

If you want to share your strategies on FX Junction and earn revenue from Copy Traders you need to get approved by following the steps below:

  • Go to the Trading Profile page and select Get Approved as a Signal Provider and uploaded the required documentation.
  • You must link only one or more Live accounts and install the FX Junction bridge. (refer to Step 2 abover) Signal Provider must maintain a minimum online frequency of 90% for all linked live accounts.
  • For each linked live account, you must input a Account Strategy description, enable Show Monetary Values and Allow others to AutoCopy my trades and apply an amount to at least one of the possible fee models (Subscription, Commission per Trade or Commission per Log).
  • Once all steps above are complete, FX Junction will review and send you an email through the platform to provide your status.

Note:  In order for your strategies to be shared and AutoCopyied by Copy Traders it is best to keep your MT4/ MT5 platform online and the FX Junction bridge connected on your desktop or VPS at all times.  This will help mitigate the risk of orphaned trades.

You are now part of the largest Open social network for traders in the world!

Don’t forget to invite your friends, it’s more fun to trade together.

For more helpful information, please visit our Help section on FX Junction