Account and Bridge Linking (Mac)

Linking your trading account with FX Junction

To link your trading account to FX Junction visit Settings -> Account Link and click Add Account. Both MT4 and MT5 accounts are supported.

Install the FX Junction Bridge

Once your account is linked, please download and install the FX Junction Bridge into your MetaTrader platform. The FX Junction Bridge is a special Expert Adviser (MetaTrader Platform plugin) which connects your trading account with FX Junction servers allowing you to copy and publish your trades and to analyze your account performance.

Download MT4 FX Junction Bridge (EA)

If for some reason you cannot use the Installer, you can manually download the EA file and place it in the appropriate directories of your MetaTrader 4 installation.

1) Download the EA file FX Junction Bridge (EA)

2) Once downloaded, locate file in Finder -> Downloads and open. Click on the file and press Copy FX Junction Bridge.ex4.

3) Go to Application folder on Mac and locate MT4 platform

4) Click on MT4 platform and press Show Package Contents -> Drive -> Program Files ->MetaTrader (Platform) -> MQL4 -> Experts 

5) Once in Experts folder, click Paste Item to paste the FX Junction Bridge.ex4

6) Restart your MetaTrader 4 platform. The FX Junction Bridge should appear in "Navigator" window on the left hand side. If you can’t see the Navigator window, go to View -> Navigator.

7) Drag and drop the FX Junction Bridge onto any chart window (with no other EA attached). Please attach the Bridge to one chart only, irrespective of the currencies you intend to trade.

8) The FX Junction Bridge window is open. Click the "Inputs" tab and enter your FX Junction Username and Password.

Click the Common tab and check-mark "Allow DLL imports", then click OK.

After the EA has successfully synchronized your account (as evidenced by the “Status : Monitoring…”), you may minimize the chart window.

Note: The terminal and the chart must remain open in order to keep your account in synch with FX Junction.

6) As an optional step, if you want to allow automated trading through FX Junction (such as for the AutoCopy functionality), please go to Tools -> Options -> Expert Advisors and check mark Allow automated trading.

If your account has an extended history, please go to the Account History tab at the bottom of your terminal window, right click and select All History. The FX Junction bridge will then synchronize all your trading history.