Become a Signal Provider

Become a Signal Provider

Benefits of becoming a Signal Provider on FX Junction:

  • Earn Money sharing your trades with thousands of potential investors who want to AutoCopy your trades
  • Offer up to 3 different AutoCopy fee models
  • Withdraw your earned fees at anytime.
  • Join are Affiliate program and receive AutoCopy Fee discounts
  • Founded in 2011, FX Junction is the most established social trading network
  • No conflicts of interest with our members as we are not a broker, introducing broker or asset manager allowing you to benefit from the best trading conditions offered by your broker

Anyone can be a Signal Provider on FX Junction, but you must follow the steps below and get approved.

Step 1: Link your existing Live MT4 / MT5 accounts

  • Go to your username located at the top right side of FX Junction and Select Link Account form the drop down menu
  • Select Add Account and input your Live MT4/MT5 account number
  • Input your Trading Strategy Description
  • Enable Show Monetary Values
  • Enable Allow others to AutoCopy my trades
  • Enable up to 3 possible AutoCopy fee models and input the amount you want to charge and select Save
  • Download and install the FX Junction Bridge EA onto your MT4/MT5 platform.  Click Here for Instructions.

The AutoCopy fee models are displayed below:

  • Commission Per trade (roundturn) – A fixed amount per trade. For example, 2.00 USD per trade which is applied upfront on the opening the trade.
  • Commission Per lot (roundturn) – A fixed amount per lot per single leg. For example, 1.00 USD per lot which is applied upfront on the opening of the trade.
  • Monthly Subscription – A fixed amount to be applied each month the copy trader subscribes. It allows the copy trader unlimited copy trades for a fixed monthly fee. Subscriptions run for 30 days from the date of the setup and are credited to your Credits account at the end of the subscription period. Should a copier cancel his subscription, a pro-rata amount will be credited to your account immediately. For example, 30.00 USD per month.
  • Free Trial to New Copiers – Input the number of days you will allow a copy trader to copy your signals for free. After this period, the selected fee model chosen by the copy trader will automatically apply. For example, 5 day free trial

Step 2: Get Approved as a Signal Provider

Go to the Trading Profile page and select Get Approved as a Signal Provider.  

The system will automatically check your linked live account to ensure you comply with the following rules:

  • Account must be online and have an online frequency of 90%
  • Minimum 1 month trading history
  • All items in Step 1 are complete

You will need to upload the following items:

  • Civil Photo: Take a picture of yourself from your phone or computer and upload it in jpg or png format.
  • Government issued ID: A copy of your government issued national ID card or passport.  Must be displayed in English letters.
  • Utility Bill: The latest copy of a utility bill not older than 3 months from the time you upload into FX Junction.  It must state your name and physical address.  Must be displayed in English letters.
Once we receive all the required documentation, FX Junction will review and provide an email through the FX Junction platform regarding your status.

Step 3:  Once you are Approved, Get yourself noticed.

The best way to get noticed is to perform well, but FX Junction offers you additional ways to help you get noticed by potential investors including:

  • Profile: It is important to make sure you have your account linked and you complete your profile settings. Your Profile page is the first thing potential copy traders can visit to see more information about yourself, your trading strategy, analyze your performance and view your available fee models.
  • Leaderboard: Top Signal Providers each week and month are displayed on the Leaderboard.  It's also a popular discussion topic for many traders on the dashboard.
  • Find Traders: The find traders page displays a full listing of all the traders on FX Junction. Copy traders have over 100 analytics made available to them to analyze your performance and several filter critera to choose their favorite signal providers.  It is important to rank high on this page.
  • Posts: Share your ideas and comments on the Dashboard.  Communicating ss great way to get noticed and improve your chances to get investors. This allows you the opportunity to engage with other traders and get your profile more attention.
  • Share: You can also attract more investors on FX Junction by sharing your performance and other information on other social networks and forums.

Step 4:  Collect your earnings

You have already selected your fee models and you have earned fees from your investors. You can view your redeemable Credits (Net amount owed to you after FX Junction service fee) in real-time.

FX Junction applies a 50% service fee from the Signal Provider fee. For example, if the signal provider charges 50 USD per month to the copy trader, the signal provider will retain 25 USD per month.  Join our Affiliate program to be charged less service fees

To withdraw your redeemable credits, you can submit a withdraw request. The withdraw amount will be paid directly to your PayPal account is processed within 24 hours.

You are now ready to Share Signals on FX Junction!

For more helpful information, please visit our Help section on FX Junction