FX Junction Referral Program

Refer your friends or external copy traders to FX Junction and earn extra revenue.

As a thank you, referring members will be eligible to receive the following referral awards:

  Benefits for Signal Providers

  • Centralize your signal providing activities on FX Junction
  • Retain 70%** of your commissions instead of the usual 50%
  • Offer your AutoCopiers multiple fee models
  • Earn Money from both FX Junction and your referred AutoCopiers

  Benefits for Members

  • Refer your Friends to FX Junction
  • Receive a $5 bonus credit* for each refered friend who links their live account and makes 1 autocopy trade
  • AutoCopy trades together on FX Junction
  • Keep existing broker and have complete control over trading decisions

  How it Works

  • Send the following sign-up link to your Friends or Copy Traders from other sites: Plese sign in to see your affiliate code
  • Bonus Credits are automatically applied to your credit balance account when a new member links their live account or AutoCopies their first trade from you.
  * Credit Bonus can only be used for AutoCopy, Credit Bonus can't be withdrawn.
** Retain 70% from Newly referred FX Junction AutoCopiers. Does not apply to existing FX Junction AutoCopiers.
We introduced the Referral Program in good faith and expect the same good faith in return. We may withhold awards where we believe a member acting in bad faith or otherwise acting contrary to the intent of this program.